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A little Christmas touch

Hi everyone! I hope you've had a great Christmas Eve. As always I'm the one who seems to be missing on every photograph from Christmas. I guess it's my own fault when I choose to stand behind the camera :-) Anyway, I thought I just had to give you a little Christmas gift before the year ends. Here it is, a new preset called "PH Christmas Tree". As you can see it intensifies the green colors and adds a little more contrast to the photo...

Exclusively released on Presetsheaven

This preset is from the Wonderland Presets 3.0 collection. Nate who is the founder of Wonderland sent me this preset to be exclusively downloadable here at Presetsheaven. As many of you already know, Nate has been a great contributor to my site since I started it. If you're a preset fan yourself and think you have a preset that others will like, don'thesitate to send it to me and I'll make sure the rest of the world will find it :-) Now lets continue with the preset from Wonderland... The name of the preset is "Creative Catalyst 1" and it's a color desaturation preset that works great on portraits.

Playing with your holiday photos? Don’t stop

Since I started using Lightroom I more often have a look at my old holiday photos. I believe the reason is because I like to play/experiment with them. Earlier I used Photoshop for this, but using "actions" in Photoshop is quite time-consuming since the only way of seeing an effect is to first apply it. If you know exactly what your action does, it works great though. If I'm just going to play with a particular photo, Photoshop would still be a good choice, but when it comes to multiple thank you. With Lightroom I find it so easy to play with my photos because of the sweet live-preview function. Without it I really don't think I would spend as much time in Lightroom as I do. Tonight I found some of my city-shots from a holiday in Firenze. It ended up with this new preset called "PH In the city".

Get that 80’s look

Sitting here with my laptop in my knees as I’ve done so many nights before:-) I Connected my 1TB external disk and opened Lightroom without any idéas on what to do. After playing around with the adjustments for some time…

Cold Desire gives a soft blue tone…

It's time for a new preset. This time I've made one that might make your photos look sterile or medical, if you know what I mean. It will boost the contrast, fade the colors and apply a blue tone to the shadows and a touch of beige to the highlights. I also added some vignettes to add some depth to the photo. I sure like the feeling of it and I hope you will as well. Happy downloading until we "meet" again.

Intensify your blue heaven

It's a new week and why not start it with a preset? Today I was looking at some pictures from my last vacation in Firenze (Italy) 2008. From the hotel room I took some photos of the environment outside. There were lots of roofs and a blue sky out there. Every time I start playing around in Lightroom with some photos, I notice they all can be improved in some way. This time one of my photos looked a bit faded and had a dull sky and an overall gray feeling. So I created this new preset that I call "PH Intensive Heaven", but as you can see it intensify more than just the blue colors :-)

Turn day into night with a preset.

It's December and that means darkness, well at least for me. When I go to work in the morning it is dark outside. When I go home it's the same. With this in mind I created a new preset called "PH Bedtime". You'll understand why, when you look at my preview image or when you try it out yourself. The purpose of this preset was to make daylight photos look more like late evening photos. Try it on architectural shots and you'll see how the dramatic feeling increases. Time for bed now...

A more subtle fog killer preset.

David Martschinske, photographer and visitor of presetsheaven, has made some adjustments to my earlier posted preset called "Fog Killer". His version of "Fog Killer" has a more subtle feeling and might be a good complement to the original preset. If you haven't tried out the first "Fog killer" preset you can get it here.

Faded colors for light photos.

Phew, it's been a tough week at work and now it's already Friday. Sorry for my delayed update but I've just not had the energy to write a new article earlier this week. I'm sitting in my sofa with my laptop in my knees, watching CSI and developing a new preset... This multitasking ended up in a new preset called "Faded Colorness". It works best on pretty light photos and it's available in two versions; one with normal clarity and the other one with +100 clarity. Have a nice weekend, to all of you!