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Let me enhance the beach…

It has been some time now and I feel a bit ashamed I haven't updated you with more presets lately. Obviously I've been on a two week trip to Thailand recently which made it impossible (well, almost) to get you some LR candy. I have around 700 photos that are lying on myexternad HD right now, photos I've taken during this trip. It take some time to "take care" of them but when it's done I promise I will show you some of them :-) Right now I'm happy to give you a brand new preset. I call it "Ocean Power". I made it when I was cleaning up some of my beach shots to enhance to colors and brightness.

A preset that goes dark in black and white

It has been some time now since I published a new preset. I'm sorry about that but I've been totally filled up with work and planning. I felt I just had to give you a new preset before the week end. This preset preset is called PH Dark & Light Contrast. I think it works great on some of my holiday photos. They tend to look more like an old postcard when I apply this preset. Enjoy.

Get the CSI Miami look

This is my first attempt to make some ocean/beach photos look like they were taken from the series CSI Miami. All of you who have seen this series know what I mean. All movie shots from that series have a very warm yellow/green tone with. It's hard to explain but the before/after images below might give you a clue of what I'm talking about.

8 Epic Lightroom presets for weddings…

This is a collection I've set up for those of you who are into wedding photography. Many photographers adds that little extra touch to their wedding photos to bring a special feeling. With Lightroom and a couple of presets you can do the same and make your photos pop out from the rest, within a couple of minutes.

LIDF Fuji & Ilford B&W Collection

Here is another collection of Michaels film emulation presets. This collection consists of his black and white film emulations based off of Fuji and Ilford film stocks. Also included is his newest preset "Fuji Neopan 100 Acros 100 -Exp 2005" based off a roll of expired Acros he shot a while back. This preset is exclusively offered through Presets Heaven.

12 + 12 new presets from Sarah

Sarah-Ji who is a documentary photographer has been doing a lot of experimentation in post-processing with Adobe Lightroom lately. She found my site and decided to contribute to it as many others allready have done. This contribution includes two sets of 12 plus 12 presets. The second set includes the same presets but with the exposure lowered (for already bright photos).

Desaturate that photo and make it fade away

Once again I've been playing around for some time in Lightroom and this time it resulted in a brand new preset. I call it PH Fade away because it desaturates the photo and gives it a bit of mocca touch. The shadows are leveled out to flow with the lightness and the black areas have increased contrast adjustments to bring depth to the photo.

A preset for your architectural photos.

Hi all! I was out this weekend and took some architectural photos of different environments. One of the shots was this old church door. I like the framing of it and the wooden ornaments in the middle. Beside that the colors of it was quite faded and gray, so I decided to boost it a little. And that's when I came up with this new preset called PH Green Door.

It’s time to get polaroided.

Dry your tears... Even if Polaroid in February 2008 announced they would cease production of all instant film, you still have the possibility to fake it. Brandon at X-equals has made two new presets that simulates the look of the old classic Polaroid instant film; Polaroid 669 (ISO 80 Color Film).

Another old school photo look

Happy holidays! I really hope all of you've had a great Christmas- and New Years eve. I've had a great time for sure. Lots of food and time in the sofa :-) The amount of subscribers to my weekly newsletter have increased rapidly the last couple of weeks. So nice to see. After all it's a free and nice service for all of you. Anyway... During this holiday I have recieved a bunch of e-mails from many of you (thanks!). One of the mails were from Jasper who had included a preset that makes your photos look "old school"; You know that feeling when colors are faded and the photos look like if they have been laying in a box for many years untouched. The preset is called "PaecKE's old skool toning"...