12 Black & White film emulation presets for Kodak B&W films!

It’s not the first time I publish presets from MikeyG. He just sent me his latest bundle of presets. His previous film emulation presets has been very popular out there and this time you won’t be disappointed either. All 12 presets are for Kodak B&W films, and each film emulsion has 3 presets; a standard develop preset that sets the basic development of the image, an Auto develop preset that allows Lightroom to automatically develop them image, and a curve preset that leaves the basic development alone, only changing tone curve and the color mixer.9 of these presets are completely new, having only been released as individual presets at his blog http://lifeindigitalfilm.blogspot.com, and 3 presets were previously released in his B&W preset pack that I released back in October. Those 3 have been tuned a bit and a curve only preset has been added. If each preset is counted the release is 36 presets for 12 different film stocks.

Quote from Michael:
My presets are completely free, under a creative commons license, and are designed to provide a free alternative to the Photoshop film emulation plug-ins. I put about 5-10 hours into each preset emulation to try to get it as authentic as possible. I use my presets daily, as my photography business specializes in film and film simulation, it is my “look”. I want to release them to get as many people able to utilize them as possible, it makes me feel better about my effort poured into them.

I have been releasing these on my blog, however I have gotten nowhere near the reaction to them that I got from the 2 releases so far on PresetsHeaven. I appreciated the posting of those sets, and in the future I will only release sets, other than on my blog, through PresetsHeaven or after you choose not to utilize them.

Presets in action

SOOC - Straight Out Of Camera

MikeyG's Kodak B&W Film Presets Vol 1 (33064 downloads )


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  1. IT appears that I have made an error in my Panatomic X preset that I just discovered. The zip has PanX in the standard preset, however it duplicated the Plus X auto and curve. Which is a shame sine the PanX and Tech Pan are my favorites of the bunch. I will rework the PanX preset zip when I get home and post a link here to grab it if anyone wants the full PanX set.

    Sorry, I got sloppy. I just realized that when I grabbed the file, and then I realized that I had it released that way on my blog also.


  2. why do auto and curve preset look the same when i use it in lightroom? is there something wrong with my lightroom?

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