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Dark areas turn into bright and beauty

Taking photos in the sun without a fill-light or reflector often result in dark shadows. To fix this issue you can use the adjustment brush in Lightroom and lighten up those areas or… you can use this preset which also…

Turn the warm sunshine cold

I was out this weekend taking some shots by the coast. The sun was just about to go down this lovely evening. Some people think a photo should remain untouched when it’s been taken. I agree sometimes, but most of…

A Zurich Street Scene Preset

Just recieved an email from Andrew, including a preset called “Zurich Street Scene”. It’s available in two presets with lower and higher exposures. Why nog give it a try? Thx alot Andrew!

A preset that make your photos soft and fashionable

Lately I've been busy with all kinds of stuff except updating PH with new content so I felt it was time to make, at least one, contribution before the week ends. This time I've made a preset that will try to simulate a special kind of fashion photos. You know the ones with a soft tone and less contrast? It's hard to achieve in Lightroom but I think I got pretty close on this one. You should try it out to see if it suites your own shots. Some of mine did pretty well actually.

Make your photos look professional in B&W

Hello dear reader! This week I visited an old friend of mine. I brought my camera (as always) and took some photos of their lovely kids. The newest member of the family is "Meja". She was curious about that big camera lens in front of her face. Her head and eyes followed it all the time. Who said it was hard to take photos of kids? hehe

What the eyes can’t see…

Yesterday I was on a seminar about web trends and took some photos. The light in the room wasn't good enough to take photos without using a flash. Still, I took some test-shots before I turned my flash on and the result was not satisfying at all. In fact, some of the photos was so bad you couldn't see what was on them. Fortunately I had my external flash with me and was able to take some really nice shots on this day. But, imagine you just had one shot and no flash this time and your photo turned into blackness...

A great way to use graduated filters for spectacular horizons

When you're out taking photos of horizons (oceans, beaches and landscapes etc) you really have to think twice before you take the shot. With an incorrect measurement in the camera it's hard to get the right exposure on both sides of the horizon. Sometimes you don't even have the time to adjust your camera to get the perfect exposure. Lightroom is just the tool for you when it comes to horizons and exposure problems.

Burn the light into bright

Hi everone! It’s been sometime now since I last updated PH with a preset. I’m sorry about that but I’ve been soo busy planning my upcoming wedding in September. I almost wish someone else could do it for me. ;-).…

6 free Black & White presets from Wonderlandpresets

Just when you thought you had all kinds of black & white presets, these popped up. Nate from has contributed a lot to Presets Heaven before. I'm sure many of you already have some of his creations in you collection of Lightroom presets. This time he sent me a pack of 6 free black & white presets, exclusively for! These are all part of his Wonderland 3.0 collection.