Superb aged look achieved with one great preset

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure to be the photograph of my dear friends wedding. After I had exported all my images to the computer I started to play around with them i Lightroom. I wanted to give this couple a great memory of this wonderful day. “Straight Out Of the Camera”-shots can look nice but this time I made the decision to step out of the ordinary look.

This preset was born and used widely on many of the photos from that day. I call it “PH Aged in a box” because it gives that good old and warm look that suites this kind of photos so well. It’s based on the preinstalled preset in Lightroom, called ” Creative – Aged Photo”, but I have tuned the brightness and contrast a little. Best of all, the married couple just loves the result of my work.

Preset in action


PH Aged in a box:

PH Aged in a box (27331 downloads )

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  1. Karen,
    I’m the one who should thank you for using my work :-) Btw. I really enjoyed viewing your portfolio site!

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