How to export your images from Lightroom to flickr

Now that I’ve just set up a group on flickr for presetsheaven, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to export your photos directly from Lightroom to your account on Well, actually you can!
Jeffrey Friedl is a handy man I must say. He has developed a plugin for Lightroom 1.x and 2.0 that makes it possible for the rest of us to export our images directly to our flickr accounts! Sweet!

-If you often use flickr to publish your work, this is definitely something for you.

So, how to make this work?
First of all you need to download the plugin and that is done by using this URL:
(Look in the top-right corner of the page to find the download link.)

Once the plugin is downloaded your next step is to install it.
There is no need for me to describe this part since Jeffrey has done such a great job even here. Please visit and follow the instructions.

Important note!
For this plugin to work, you first need a flickr account registered. It’s free (can be upgraded) and I really advise you to get one like many other photo enthusiasts have done (including myself). It’s simply a great place to keep your favorite photos online and to share with others.

So you think plugins for Lightroom sounds great?
Check out some more of Jeffrey´s plugins.
These are just some of the plugins you can find on his lightroom-goodies page:

Timothy Armes is another handy man who has made a couple of plugins as well. My favorite one is called “Mogrify” and it’s using ImageMagic to apply different effects on your exported images. I use it to place custom made “copyright watermarks” in my photos. The built-in function in Lightroom doesn’t fulfill my needs. Besides, it’s ugly since you can’t modify the font and positioning as you want.
Check out the plugins from Timothy here

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