Christmas preset for Lightroom

Hello dear folks!

It’s been a loooong time since I’ve been doing anything on this site.
I’ve been busy with family, house building and other jobs around + the lack of time and interest made me take a long break from this.

I still have thoughts about stepping up again to start deliver presets and tutorials for Lightroom. I think I just need to push myself a bit more to be motivated. Running a site like this on a regular basis takes time and effort, something I’ve been short of lately.

But now when Christmas is knocking on the door I thought I might just pop up with a revamped version of an old preset that I made 2008 (!!!). Back then It was made for Lightroom 3. This version is based on the same preset with some minor adjustments to fit Lightroom 5+.

Basically, it works fine for Christmast photos where trees, gifts and other colourful items are visible.

Hope you enjoy it.

Here’s the Before and after.

Christmas-tree2 Before and After

Christmas tree 2 (15760 downloads )

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