Lightroom presets for making portraits look vintage

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Hi all Lightroom fans!

This is a wrap-up of older posts and collections of Adobe Lightroom presets for making your digital camera photos look vintage.

With all mobile phones out there and their camera apps, more and more people are taking photos that look “old-style” and have a vintage look.

You’ve probably seen them on Facebook, Twitter and blog posts everywhere. These camera apps creates a similar photo look like the old cameras does by default.

Images from my iPhone taken with Instagram app
I’ve tried a bunch of these camera apps on my own iPhone, but the one I use most frequent is the Instagram app which also let me publish my photos instantly to a blog. I think it’s a nice way of making a point-and-shoot diary where all of my iPhone camera photos are saved with a time stamp and with a vintage portraits look. Other people can follow me and comment my photos too. It’s also fun to go back in time and look at these photos from the past, like a photo album with a big mix of all kinds of photos.

Lightroom presets in your mobile phone?

Imagine that Adobe Lightroom would be available for your mobile phone and you where able to use your own presets on all photos you take with it. How cool wouldn’t that be? I’m not talking about a full software solution here, just a basic camera app that makes it easy for you to put a Lightroom preset on your photos on the fly and then send them to a friend or publish them on your blog etc. Hm… I’m getting interesting ideas on the functionality of this one as we speak (Adobe, contact me!) ;-)

Transferring new presets to your phone would be as easy as it is to export them to your desktop today; Right-click on a preset and select “Export to mobile”.

While I keep dreaming of this app you can make some vintage portraits using any of these previously posted Lightroom presets.

Even if this site is all about Lightroom presets I’ve added a little bonus for those of you who also have Adobe Photoshop installed. I’ve included some links to pages with Photoshop actions that simulates the vintage portraits look.

As always, a Lightroom preset look different on different photos so don’t get disappointed if you’re not satisfied with the result. Try the preset on a different image.

Here is the collection of presets to get some vintage portraits looks:

  1. Vintage Preset kit for Lightroom part 1/3
  2. Vintage Preset kit for Lightroom part 2/3
  3. Vintage Preset kit for Lightroom part 3/3
  4. Fashion Darlings Lightroom presets by Megan
  5. Fashionable look with a little Lightroom preset
  6. 5 great presets from Dustin
  7. 8 Epic Lightroom presets for weddings

For those of you who are interested in trying out the Photoshop actions:

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