Let’s celebrate our 10.000 Facebook fans with 50% off!

UPDATE: The deal is over for this time! Thank you all!
I’m very happy to say we’ve just reached 10.000 fans on our Facebook fan page.

It’s like standing on a scene having 10.000 people in the audience in front. Pretty cool, so today we will throw a nice deal to that audience, but the deal is only valid for 24 hours!

Visit http://pro.presetsheaven.com and get the “4 IN ONE” for $55 instead of $110! 

The 4 IN ONE kit includes the following Master preset kits:

Wedding Master Kit

This set of 20 Lightroom presets really boosts your photos and make great impact on your clients. It includes all kinds of styles you’re looking for a wedding session.
See the presets in action

Black & White Master Kit

If you’re into black & white photography this kit is for you. includes a combination of 10 (+1 bonus) black & white presets. These presets can make your photos look antique or modern. It’s your decision and you make it with just a click in Lightroom.
See the presets in action

Portrait Master Kit

As a portrait photographer you probably want to make subtle changes to your photos since theses photos often are family portraits. But occasionally you get a chance to show your clients what a portrait “really” could look like instead of the regular ones they are used to see. Take the opportunity and impress your clients with extravaganza.
See the presets in action

Fashion Master Kit

Fashion photography is probably the the style most photographers want to achieve or work with. If you have the correct light, model and setup the job is easier made. But if you’re in lack of that for some reason, a preset could help you out more than you think! Put some glamouring style to your photos.
See the presets in action


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