Dramatic Ocean – For both sky and water

I was sitting here with my old crappy laptop (you can’t even imagine) trying to be creative for a moment. After three crashes I almost gave up but I was to close to my goal…

Recently there was a “great” storm outside and I just had to take a ride out to the ocean to see it in action. I probably took about 150 shots before I went home again.

Actually I wanted to try to make some new HDR images (with three or more images merged) but my tripod was way to cheap to stand against the wind for multiple EV shots. Anyway I still got some nice shots and some that didn’t reached the top-10.This preview image was one of those that didn’t meet my demands of quality. Still, I though I could spice it up a little in Lightroom so I created this new preset called “PH Dramatic Ocean”. It’s a mix of two graduated filters tuning the horizon (above and below) + some more adjustments ;-) .

Preset in action

SOOC - Straight Out Of Camera

PH Dramatic Ocean:
PH Dramatic Ocean

PH Dramatic Ocean (69792 downloads )


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  1. This preset rocks! I just applied it to some of my desert pics…freakin’ AWESOME!! Thanks so much! So glad I found your site!

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