Tutorial: How to remove spots on multiple photos

Yesterday I posted a tutorial article about how you easily can remove dust spots from your photos. It didn’t take long time before someone asked me how they should do if they have like hundreds of photos with the same pattern of dust-spots. So here comes part two of “how to remove spots with the spot removal tool in Lightroom 2.”

  1. Select one image from your collection of images that has spots
  2. Go to the Develop mode (Press D)
  3. Select the “Spot removal” tool
  4. Choose “Heal” (the other choice is “clone”) as brush type
  5. Resize the brush size to fit your spots
  6. Click on each spot you which to remove
  7. When all spots are gone, select all images you would like to apply this removal on
  8. Press the “sync…”-button (you find it in the bottom of the develop sidebar)
  9. Be sure to activate the checkbox for “Spot removal” and then press “Synchronize”
  10. Done! All selected images have now been “healed” on the same position as your first modified photo.

Note: To see the video in high quality, please use the link below the video.

Tutorial: How to remove spots on multiple photos from Pierre on Vimeo.


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  1. Hi Mike,
    There is a simple reason to it. My laptop has some kind of allergy to microphones at the moment and I haven’t had the time to give it medicine yet ;-) I’ll see if I can fix it in the next video I post.
    Hopefully the video itself was easy to understand without the sound this time.

  2. How would this work if I have some picture taken with the camera “landscape” (horizontally) and other “portrait” (vertically) ?

  3. Henrik,
    I’m afraid you have to make the same procedure on your vertical photos and sync them separately. If I come up with another solution to it I’ll let you and the rest know.

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