10 great tutorials for better product photography

Recently a client asked me to take photos of their products. A whole bunch of hand bags and jewelry needed to be shoot for their web shop.  Taking photos of shiny silver bracelets and plastic bags etc. is quite different than model photography. As a professional photographer you probably already know what gear to use and how to use it. For all of you who are new to product photography, have a look at these video tutorials and websites.

1. Lightning Tips for Product Photography.

2. Kerry walks through a typical product shot

3. How to create amazing photos with water and a bottle

4. Tabletop Studio Photography done with mirrors

5. Product Photography Processing in Photoshop

6. Jewelry photography lighting and camera samples

7. Product Photography Tutorial with continues lightning bulbs.

8. Product Photography Tips
Great resource with lots of different set-ups for different kinds of products to shoot.

9. 7 Product Photography Tips
Mark Evans writes about Gear, lights , framing, Product position and post-processing

10. Taking Professional Looking Photos Without a Professional
Great tutorial showing you how to set-up your own light box and retouch your photos in Photoshop.


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