Underwater preset for diving photographers

For those of you (+9300 ppl right now!) following me on Facebook, you’ve probably noticed that sending requests for a specific preset might be successful.

Lawrence Lim recently asked for a Lightroom preset that could enhance his underwater photos. Since my own underwater photos look terrible (well, using a cheap disposable underwater camera didn’t quite meet the standard I was looking for when I was scuba diving in Thailand some years ago :-/ ) I asked for some sample images to work with. The image below is credited to Lawrence Lim and not me.

Most common thing about underwater photography is that light is the key to success. I’f you’re not a Pro and do underwater photography for a living, the equipment might not be affordable. Another thing is that almost everything look blue/green down “there”. So what I did in Lightroom was to adjust the saturation of the colors and added some contrast and clarity to make the photos look more crisp. Without proper light the photos tend to look dull.

This preset works best when the object, a fish perhaps? :-), is surrounded by blue water or any blue tones.

Preset in action


Lawrence Diver

Lawrence Diver (60071 downloads )

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  1. Anybody aware of any other Underwater presets ? ….
    I have a lot of UW images so be keen to know.

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