Lets kill the foggy feeling with a preset.

Yes, it’s a bottle of ketchup! :-) I was just browsing through some photos in my laptop when I found this close-up shot of a bottle of ketchup. Sometimes when you look at your photos, you get blind and miss the important parts. This time I was on alert and discovered that this photo could get much “cleaner” than what it was. I started to play around, as I usually do in Lightroom, and came up with this preset that I call Fog Killer. It works extraordinary on this photo and I think it’s definitely worth a try for you as well.

Preset in action


PH Fog Killer:

PH Fog Killer (23371 downloads )

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  1. Clap…clap…clap! Once again Pierre, I must hand it to you that you totally kick my rear end when it comes to presets! Thanks a bundle brotha!

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