Hardrocker – A Lightroom preset for a harder look

I was playing around in Lightroom and suddenly came up with a sweet preset I just had to share with you guys. I call it PH Hardrocker because it makes your photos grainy and hard looking. You should definitely try it out! Check out the before/after images and you’ll see what I mean…

Preset in action


PH Hardrocker:


PH Hardrocker:

PH Hardrocker (26363 downloads )

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  1. Love the preset, but I notice in Lightroom 2 when sliding the clarity down it has a soft glow effect to it. How would I remove the soft glow?

  2. Hi David and thanks for your comment!
    When sliding clarity down below “0”, the glow effect will always appear. It’s meant to be that way in LR. I suggest you try to decrease the contrast instead to achieve the effect you’re trying to get. You can also decrease a little on the clarity (not below 0 though) and play with both “Brightness” and “Contrast”.

  3. Thank you so much for lighting my life [via Lightroom], I’ve been trying for how long with photoshop and couldn’t get the look i saw in one pic, I heard about this site via a friend and i’m so so so so so thankful for some one like you that is willing to show and tell. :) :) :)

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