CSI Miami look preset II

Earlier I made a preset called CSI Miami. That preset mostly changed the saturation and color tones in a hard way. This time I made a new version called CSI Miami II (of course :-) ) It consists of three graduated filters, adjustments on white balance and some color tone changes.

You might wanna move the graduated filters (up or down depending on the horizon) to make the effect look good on your photos. Keep in mind that this preset works best on photos like the one in the example below.

By the way… I took this shot in Miami when I was there with my wife on our honeymoon :-)

If you need to change the graduated filters position. Press the Graduated Filters tool and grab any of the three filters and move them up or down.

Graduated Filters Tool
The graduated tool in the Develop Mode

Develop mode - Drag Graduated filters up or down
Select a “dot” to adjust the position

Preset in action:

SOOC - Straight Out Of Camera


PH CSI Miami II (92972 downloads )

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  1. Very nice! I am not sure if I will use it, but it looks real cool!!!!

    Does anybody ahve or know of a “Twlight” movie preset? Or know how to do some post processing on it?

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