Color pops out – #01

Jiiikes, those eyes really turned out “greenish”. See for yourself in the before & after images below. This set includes 3 presets that makes your images more colorful. The preset “optimum” is the most natural of them but hey, who said things need to be natural these days? Go ahead and play with them, they are all yours.

Presets in action


Color pop out optimum:

Color pop out strong:

Color pop out stronger:

Download Update: 190311:
You can download the presets at:


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  1. I was trying to get your Color pops out – #01 preset however the link doesnt work. Is there anyway I could get this preset please.

  2. Thank you Jaclyn.
    The download link is now up and running again. I’m not allowed to host these presets myself so I can’t promise the download link is available forever. :-/

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