A new preset contribution has arrived – City Scapes

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Brandon from x-equals.com is a new contributor to presetsheaven. Today I’m posting a review of his latest preset called “City Scapes“. From my point of view it lightens up those dull images into clear shiny ones. This preset works best on photos that have an average lightness and darkness. If your photos have a bright overall look, the preset most likely will burn out the white areas in them. To be sure this not happen, try decreasing the amount of the exposure adjustments in Lightroom.

Comments from the Author:

A couple tips when using this preset:

  • This preset uses heavy vignetting and a generous +1.5 exposure shift so start by adjusting Exposure and Vignette in their respective Basic and HSL panels to get the ‘mood‘ just right.
  • Further fine tuning of both color and tone should be managed via the HSL and Tone Curve

Preset in action


X City Scapes:

You can find more of Brandon’s work here.

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2 Comments on "A new preset contribution has arrived – City Scapes"

  1. Andy October 29, 2008 at 8:05 pm ·

    I’m pretty excited that you got connected with this guy from xequals. I am already a subcriber of his blog and I think both of you will be a good compliment to each other. Kudos on accepting contributers and opening the doors to other creative minds to share their presets.

  2. Brandon Oelling October 30, 2008 at 3:14 am ·

    Thanks for the plug guys!


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