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Now you can be one lucky winner of “The Accidental Millionaire” – A book by the unconventional entrepreneur and world-famous photographer Gary Fong. Together with BenBella Books I now give you the chance to win a copy of this fantastic book. The rules of this contest are simple. Just follow the instructions below and you might be the lucky winner in the end of February!

Who is Gary Fong?

The Accidental Millionaire - By Gary FongGary FongIn The Accidental Millionaire, photographer, entrepreneur and inventor Gary Fong, turns traditional self-help upside down, his life story a delightfully refreshing testimonial to the power in all of us to harness our fate by not allowing ourselves to be so driven, that we lose the divine clumsiness necessary to stumble into hidden opportunity.

In The Accidental Millionaire, Fong recounts with self-deprecation humor and grace the unexpected trajectory of his life and career: launching his first photography studio out of his parents’ back bedroom that was soon earning hundreds of thousands of dollars annually; the mistake that becomes a bonaza when he buys a printer that far exceeds his needs and uses the excess capacity to start a new business he eventually sold for a startling profit; developing his signature “storybook” system of wedding photography that he transformed into a lucrative software company, which has since become the industry standard; and founding a multimillion dollar international plastics enterprise through his invention of the Lightsphere, now considered a standard piece of equipment for photographers worldwide,  that began as a doodle on a paper napkin while he was flying across country.

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How to enter the contest?
All you have to do is to copy this text below and tweet it on twitter:

I might be a winner of “The Accidental Millionaire” by Gary Fong, #contest @presetsheaven @benbellabooks |

This contest will be closed 2010-02-28
2010-03-01: CONTEST IS CLOSED!

Rules & restrictions

  • Anyone found to use multiple twitter accounts to enter will be ineligible.
  • Posting multiple entries in a single day will not be accepted
  • The winner will be randomly chosen.
  • Winner will be contacted by Direct Message in Twitter.

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3 Comments on "Win the book – The Accidental Millionaire!"

  1. John Gamble March 25, 2010 at 6:08 am ·

    I met Gary Fong when we shared a cab to the airport following the Chicago PPA convention back in the 80’s. I have used some of his products over the years like his light dome.
    It became too awkward to carry in a crowd. Looked like a fishbowl on your flash but it sure did the trick. He has changed it since then but a really fun man who is into sharing with others what he knows

  2. [email protected] restoration services October 14, 2010 at 3:57 pm ·

    Great idea to make a review of this. It’s pretty hard to find quality reviews of book printers these days. Of course there are overviews in magazines but I find they always miss the user experience. Thanks

  3. Steve February 3, 2011 at 3:57 am ·

    I’ll Twitter about this but don’t care if I win the contest or not. Just tell me how I can purchase your book. I know several millionaire photographers and am on track to becoming one myself so Gary’s book will be a welcomed addition to my library.


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