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So you’re perhaps a blogger and want to have a set of nice preset to chose from when you’re working with your images for a blog post? I’ve just made a set of 10 presets. One of them is available here for free. The rest can be purchased from “Presets Heaven PRO“. All Pro presets are developed for use with RAW-images. Bloggers however might not use RAW for their images? Most of you probably use a compact camera or even mobile phone for your blog posts? With this in mind, these presets comes in two versions, one for development in RAW and the other for JPEG-files. Just select the one you prefer to work with.

The two last presets in this kit will frame your photos with a nice black or white frame with rounded corners! The best is that it can be applied to any photo with or without preset applied on it. The frame presets will not remove/change any settings on your photos, except for adding the frame :-)

This is one of the presets that are included in the PRO kit:


PH Bloggers 1

PH Boggers 1 (11320 downloads)

Click here If you want to go PRO and get the whole Bloggers Master Kit.

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