Cinematic Lightroom preset from japan

Suddenly Ruben said “Hi” in a mail!
He wanted to share some nice presets with us. I had to test them out before I could post them and I must say Ruben did a great job setting them up (thx alot). This set is called the “Cinematic kit for Lightroom”. It’s a semi HDR set with a total of 4 presets. These presets works best on mid-dark images (my conclusion after playing around with them) so that’s the main reason to why I have chosen this kind of preview image this time. Play around with them as I did and you’ll see you’re gonna like them.

Presets in action


RJ – Cinema 1:

RJ – Cinema 2:

RJ – Cinema Cold:

RJ – Cinema Warm:

You can find out more about Ruben in his own little hideout.
So you think you have some nice presets you’d like to share with the rest of us?  Use the Contact page like Ruben did and let us know.

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  2. I LOVE lightroom presets, but when I think of presets I think of a million different adjustments made easier into a click of a button. This movie thing is just changing the color temperature and adds clutter when looking for a preset to choose.