The 1st thing to do when a preset makes your photo look strange…

Ever wondered why your images doesn’t look as good as in the preview image for a particular preset? Well there might be an easy solution to it. Most presets you find, have been created for high resolution images like the RAW-format etc. A common thing to do when making these Lightroom presets is to apply various amount of “Sharpen”. Most of the time this value is set to 25 or higher (for high resolution images). Now that number is directly related to the image resolution.

The better resolution, the higher value are accepted to establish a nice sharpen. BUT, if you keep that amount of sharpening for a low resolution image (with 72dpi resolution etc) it most likely going to look a bit grainy, hard and too sharp. So to avoid this when working with presets you should decrease the value of the sharpening slider in Lighroom. In fact, you shouldn’t be afraid of playing around with any of the sliders in the sharpening section since they work in combination with each other.

Too sharp image:

Good sharpness:

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