Smart tip for your Lightroom panels

When you’re working in Lightroom your eyes can’t ignore all the panels available. Almost all of them can be expanded and collapsed using the small little arrow, or simply when you click on each panel name. This means you can have all of these panels open or closed at the same time. I’m rarely working with all of these panels at the same time, but I also don’t bother to close them when I’m done. For every panel you leave open, the scrollbar will increase in length. Scrolling up and down all the time can be both frustrating and inconvenient when you know what panel you’re looking for.

Some of the panels might never be used for some photos. Perhaps you don’t need to adjust the sharpness and remove noise etc. If those non-used panels still are open, they are just taking up space and makes it harder for you to find the ones you really want to work with.

An easy way to fix this is to use something called “Solo Mode”. This feature is deactivated by default in Lightroom so you manually have to activate it.

When you’re using the “Solo Mode” for panels, each panel you expand will make the rest of the panels collapse! A much more convenient way to work, since most of the time you are just focused on one panel at the time right? If you work on a laptop, scrolling in Lightroom is really something you don’t want to do, so try this small but effective solution and you’ll probably never go back :-)

Here is a video clip showing you how to activate the Solo mode in Lightroom 3:

Watch this clip in HD!


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