Export images from Lightroom to your blog!

Did you know there's a plugin for Lightroom that makes it possible for you to export your photos directly to your blog!? Timothy Armes', the man behind LR2/Mogrify (which I've talked about before) has made it again.

Hey folks!

Did you know there’s a plugin for Lightroom that makes it possible for you to export your photos directly to your blog!?

Timothy Armes’, the man behind LR2/Mogrify (which I’ve talked about before) has made it again.

This plug-in for Lightroom 2 has been released very early in order to garner the feedback necessary to meet your needs. It will undergo rapid development, but needs your help to grow. What features would you like to see? Which blogs would you like to see supported? Please leave your ideas in the comments section of his related blog article.


Please note that this plugin is donationware. The trial version can only upload one image at a time. Donating towards the development of this plug-in will unlock this restriction.


Download the plug-in
Unzip the download. You should now have a plug-in called ‘LR2Blog.lrplugin’. If your unzip program didn’t keep this parent directory, then you should create it and copy your unzipped files into it.

The plug-in is installed via the Lightroom 2 plug-in manager.

  1. Move LR2Blog.lrplugin to a convenient location of your own choosing.
  2. Open Lightroom’s plug-in manager from the File menu.
  3. Click the “Add” button.
  4. Browse to the plug-in and click “OK” on a Mac or “Add plugin” on a PC.

To get a quickguide of how to use the plug-in, please visit this page

You may also be interested in his LR2/Mogrify plug-in which allows you to adds watermarks, borders and text annotations to images as they are exported. It can be used in tandem with LR2/Blog or indeed any other export plug-in.LR2/Blog is a Lightroom 2 export plug-in that allows you to export your images directly to your blog.

Version 1.20 has been tested with WordPress (2.6 and 2.7) and Blogger (hosted blogs only) however this will soon evolve.

You can get the latest version of the LR2/Blog plug-in at Photographer’s Toolbox



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  1. thanks for the presets and plug ins and tutorials! you are really a heaven sent for beginers like me!.. cheers!

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