10 great video tutorials for Lightroom 3

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Reading a blog article is great when you’re on a bus or train. Books are great too but video is the best you can get when it comes to tutorials. Therefore I’ve searched the net for you and collected 10 great videos that will give you some good tips on what you can do, and how you do it in Lightroom 3. Get your snacks ready cause here we go…

#1 How to export your images from Lightroom 3 to Flickr using the new Flickr publishing service

Lightroom & Flickr from Digiscrap101 – Kayla Lamoreaux on Vimeo.

#2 Working with Picture package in Lightroom 3 – part 1/2

Lightroom 3 Picture Packages from John Arnold on Vimeo.

#3 Working with Picture package in Lightroom 3 – part 2/2

Lightroom 3 Picture Packages part 2 from John Arnold on Vimeo.

#4 Add watermarks to your photos both for prints and digital images

Lightroom 3 watermark from mark stagi on Vimeo.

#5 Straightening the lines and removing distortions with lens correction.

Lightroom Tutorial | Lens Corrections from Andy Bloxham on Vimeo.

#6 Basic method for importing and sorting photos in Lightroom 3.

Basic Lightroom Workflow from Tyler Stalman on Vimeo.

#7 Using the spot removal tool.

Lightroom Tutorial | Spot Removal from Andy Bloxham on Vimeo.

#8 Adding facebook albums from Lightroom 3 using the Facebook publishing service.

Lightroom 3 – Adding Facebook Albums from Mike Hoffman on Vimeo.

#9 Remove noise with the new great noise reduction tool in Lightoom 3

Lightroom 3 Noise Reduction Tool from Yanik Chauvin on Vimeo.

#10 Shooting in thethered mode in Lightroom 3 – See the result directly on your computer screen

Video has been removed by the video distributor.

f you have more great video tutorials you think deserve some publicity, please post them in the comments section below!

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