A big pack of free Lightroom presets from William

Once again we have a new great contribution of Lightroom presets! This time William, a wedding & portrait photographer from Maryland, has sent us a great set of presets. I let him explain them himself:

“I thought I’d send in some presets that we use here in the studio all the time. There are three sets.”

1. HDR Effect
There’s four of them, delivering various levels of the same effect. By themselves they won’t look so great. They’re designed to be applied after using another preset, dealing with color and tone is used. Try them out and you’ll see what I mean. In some situations, they will produce a ghosting effect around high contrast edges, so you have to know when to use them, but our clients usually love the results, even though they have no idea why. Specific adjustment to blacks, exposure and saturation/vibrance will usually be necessary.

2. Common Basic Adjustments
These are a simple set of presets that apply varying degrees of only one setting. We use these all the time for quick adjustments to lots of similar images. Rather than selecting a lot of images and making adjustments to the sliders, which can sometimes produce unpredictable results, just a few clicks on these presets speeds things up a lot, in our experience.

3. Style Assortment
This is a set of three stylized presets which we don’t use a whole lot anymore, but have gotten a lot of love in the past. They are basic adjustments to split toning, tone curve and post-crop vignette.

In this post we will only show you the preview of what the Style Assortment presets look like.
Presets in action


B&W Brown/Red Antique:

Clear Blue/Orange Split Tone Mild Vintage:

Clear Yellow/Purple Split Tone Mild Vintage:

Petruzzo Photography presets (136051 downloads )

Please make sure you visit William’s website before you go to sleep tonight :-)


If you are a Lightroom lover like myself you probably going to adore this place. It's the paradise for all people who are looking for Lightroom presets. Make sure you subscribe to my posts to be first with the latest contributions. I wish you a very pleasant stay. Regards, Pierre

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  1. The HDR Effect Presets here are especially nice and did a great job on some recent waterfall pictures I took, bringing out detail in the rocks and making them really pop.

  2. Thanks for the free downloads which look very useful. Having downloaded them, and unzipped them, can somebody please tell me where to put them (no rude answers!) and how to access them. I have tried them everywhere I can think of but can’t find them.



  3. I wonder who I am sure something is very straightforward, but do not know! After downloading, how do I use in Photoshop CS5 for example, or only works on some specific program?!

    Sorry if it’s too …. Simple:)

  4. Hi Bruno!
    You need to have Adobe Lightroom installed to use these presets. You can download a 30 day trial from adobe.com if you want to try it out before you decide to buy it or not.
    Thanks, Pierre

  5. Excellent set of presets I just downloaded and have found a use for them with a couple of portraits, thanks for sharing.

  6. Hi,

    I have tried to download your actions, but haven t been able to succeed. I think this is because they are for a PC? Or should they be able to import into Lightroon on an apple as well?


  7. Hi Annemieke,
    It doesn’t matter if you’re using a PC or MAC. The reason to why you can’t install the presets is because you first have to extract the file you’ve downloaded.
    Since you’re running Mac, you can simply double click the downloaded file to unzip its contents. When that’s done, you can install/import them into Lightroom.

  8. Hi Pierre,

    I am using PC, downloaded and then extracted the files, but they are still in another set of zip files after I extract them. When I extract those files, I get a list of each individual adjustment that made up that preset. Any suggestions on what to do? I followed the instructions but it’s not working. If nothing else I can look at the adjustments and recreate the preset, but if you know how to help it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! These are beautiful.

  9. This is great ! , i love what u share pierre , tq so much , i fall more in love with light room :))

  10. Thank you for the freebies! I’m fairly new to the photography world and don’t have alot of extra money to pay out just yet. I can’t wait to try out all your presets on my photos. :)

  11. I haven’t seen where you download it {lightroom presets} I guess I’ll just keep looking I do have bad vision and will be getting an operation on one eye in 12 more days.Praise the Lord…Ronny Heald

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