10 free Holga Lightroom presets

It’s Holga-time!

You’ve probably already heard about what Holga is but if you haven’t, I’ll give you a quick brief.
Holga is the name of a Chinese camera that has a history from 1981. It’s a medium format 120 film toy camera known for its low-fidelity aesthetic. Nowadays you can find apps for your mobile phone that tries to copy the same look. It’s been so popular in the last few years that people even buy old toy cameras like this one, just to get the natural old look on film.

You can read more about Holga at Wikipedia

Dustin Leader sent me 10 presets that simulates the look of a Holga camera. Now you can play with them too!Presets in action


Holga B&W:

Holga in Blue:

Holgamania 1942:

Holgamania 2011:

Holga My Dear:

Holga On The Scene:

Holga Queen:

Holga Queen:

Holga With A Side Of Pancake:

Holga a like (149519 downloads )

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  1. Great presets, but I wonder how to remove the black marks at the corners of image -,-, I think without them the image will be better :). Can you guide me, thanks.

  2. This presets very useful because i don’t have LOMO camera but i want some of my photos look like in Lomography :)

    Thanks for share

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