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Learn how to do things in Lightroom.

Timesaving Features in Lightroom 2

It’s not hard to get started in Lightroom. You find your ways to navigate and use the software. I’m not going to tell you that you’re doing it wrong, but maybe you can do it faster… Jolieanne Kost from Adobe…

Burn CD’s in LR 64-bit version?

If you're using the 64-bit version of Lightroom, you've probably noticed the lack of support to burn your images directly to CD. There is a pretty ugly workaround if you really need this feature.

A great way to use graduated filters for spectacular horizons

When you're out taking photos of horizons (oceans, beaches and landscapes etc) you really have to think twice before you take the shot. With an incorrect measurement in the camera it's hard to get the right exposure on both sides of the horizon. Sometimes you don't even have the time to adjust your camera to get the perfect exposure. Lightroom is just the tool for you when it comes to horizons and exposure problems.

10 great video tutorials for Lightroom

This time I'll just let others talk about Lightroom. I've collected 10 video tutorials from Youtube that might be of interest for some of you. Most of us are so eager to start playing around with new software and stuff (cellphones or TV etc) that we often forgetthe "other" great features of it. With this in mind I thought that this list of video tutorials might open your eyes to some features you've might have seen but not yet tested in Lightroom. Learning by practice is always a good way to do it, but to first see it being done by somebody else is even better...

Everyone can be a Pro – part 2

How can you success making better looking photos? Step one to success - Digital cameras and big memory cards Get a big memory card for your camera. In the old days you had to think carefully when to press the button or not. You had to make a choice if the motive in front of you was worthy enough to be put in an album or not. After all you just had 24 or 36 frames per film roll.

Everyone can be a Pro – part 1

With a digital camera and Lightroom, everyone can be a pro. Ever wanted to take those fantastic photos you see in magazines or on professional photographers' websites? Well now you can. All you need is a good digital camera, a big memory card and suitable software like Adobe Lightroom.