• Lightroom preset 346 of 365
    December 12, 2013, No comments

    This is Lightroom preset number 346 of 365. I turned this one black n’ white and added some grain plus a little tint of color. Original / Before: After:

  • Lightroom preset 344 of 365
    December 10, 2013, No comments

    Hello folks, Here comes Lightroom preset number 344 of 365. This time I’ve made some color corrections using the hue and saturation sliders in Lightroom. My goal was to make […]

  • Lightroom preset 343 of 365
    December 9, 2013, No comments

    Hey all, Here comes Lightroom preset number 343 of 365. I’ve added a gradient filter to the lower part of the image. I put it there to brighten up and […]

  • Lightroom preset 339 of 365
    December 5, 2013, No comments

    Hello again! This one was kinda tricky. The original photo is actually taken with a cellphone and as you can see it got way to overexposed. Fortunately some of it […]